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Raffle for a change

This month, Love & Crochet hosted a raffle to make a difference in the global climate change crisis. Find out how much we raised, which lucky ticket was picked and more on this page

Beautiful Landscape

What This Is

In December 2020, Love & Crochet hosted a raffle for one beautiful hand-made crochet item. For each ticket that was purchased, 50% of the proceeds were donated to Coalition for Rainforest Nations, a foundation that collaborates with people to help sustain rainforests around the world. We chose this organization after thorough research because of their huge positive impact on the environment. Through REDD+, Coalition for Rainforest Nations has reduced carbon emissions by some 8,628,471,593 tons of CO2.


December 2020 Raffle

The prize for Love & Crochet's December 2020 raffle was this adorable giant avocado, 18 inches in height and made with the softest of yarn. Watch the video or see the written stats below for our winner and the total amount we will be donating.

Check out this video for the results of our raffle!


The Winning Ticket


Total Amount Donated

Thank You For Participating In Love & Crochet's Raffle For a Change!

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