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Love & Crochet's First Blog Post!

Updated: May 15, 2021

Hey everyone! If you don't know me, I'm Sarah, creator and owner of Love & Crochet, where you can find high quality crochet patterns for great prices. I have been crocheting for nearly three years now, and I am super excited to share my experience with you, as well as the ideas that have accumulated within me over time. I get my finest inspiration from my family and nature.

Before we get into the post, I have a super quick message for you. As an Amazon Associate, Love & Crochet may earn commissions (at no extra cost to you) from qualifying purchases from This does not affect the products we recommend. We only suggest good products that we have tried in the past. Please know that purchasing through some of the links below will support us. We may also display advertisements on this page using third party cookies to show relevant content, which helps us provide this free pattern as well. Thank you for being here and enjoy the article!

As you can see, our newest feature at Love & Crochet is the blog (following the photo gallery), which I am very excited to tell you about! In this first post you will also hear about the completion of Love & Crochet's very first pattern collection, the Puff Series, which just aired last Friday. I'm giving a shout out to my very first team member as well, which you will hear about at the end of this post. So, without further ado, lets dive into the soon-to-be wonders of the blog at Love & Crochet!

This first post talks just about the blog, but in the future you will find a wide variety of topics to read about all relating to crochet (of course). We are aiming to write one article a week, but with all of the work that needs to be done at Love & Crochet currently, you may find a post once every other week.

Anyway, the first type of post we're creating is for pattern reviews. I will attempt all kinds of patterns with a range of difficulty, from stuffed animals, to crochet garments and appliques. For each project, I will pay close attention to the pattern quality, the problems it poses, and possible paths to take for fixing those problems. In the post, you will hear about my experience crocheting the project, changes I made and tips to simplify the pattern making process if you decide to try it out yourself. Some important details about the project will be included as well, such as the approximate time it takes to crochet, and what I think about the material choices. Along with all of the helpful written tips and suggestions, many photos scattered throughout the post will be a great visual aid to correlate the tips and how to execute them efficiently. In general, the simpler patterns will have shorter posts and the harder patterns will present longer posts. Either way, I'm sure this will be super helpful for crocheters of all types (in fact, we already have one planned that should be published some time in the next week!).

The next kind of post you will find is the one about seasonal crochet decorating tips. Already, we are building up a Pinterest board for some cute Halloween-related crochet projects and we hope this October to write about decorating with these items. For each post, we'll suggest some patterns, seasonal crochet materials and tools, and tips for decorating with your finished projects. We will have a post for autumn, winter, spring and summer, and every one will be updated at the start of each new season.

We will also have posts geared specifically towards my favorite crochet products. If I ever come across a crochet related item that I love, you will get to hear all about it in these types of posts. I'll talk about why I like it, how to use it, and where to buy it. I actually just bought some amazing long metal embroidery needles that I absolutely love and can't wait to tell you about :)

Along with all of those posts you will also come across tutorials for crochet stitches and techniques. From the most basic techniques, like the slip knot, to much more complicated ones, I'm aiming to build up a large collection of free crochet tutorials, for everyone. Even if you know little to none about crochet, you will still be able to learn from these (who knows, maybe you will learn to love crochet even if you have never tried it before). For the more advanced crocheters out there, don't worry, there will still be tutorials for you to benefit from.

Last, but definitely not least, we're hoping to offer some free crochet patterns as well! Right now we are only offering patterns at low prices, but as Love & Crochet grows, we intend to create patterns that will go directly into our blog! While we aren't doing that now, this is an exciting goal for us to carry out in the near future, which wraps up the blog plans for now.

So, with all of the talk about Love & Crochet's new blog coming to an end, we would like to briefly tell you about our brand new pattern collection in the shop, The Puff Series. The last pattern in the collection, The Puff Cat, was published this past Friday. There is a total of three patterns, the Puff Cat, Dog and Bear. This "puff" shaped trio is an adorable group of stuffed animals, each one sure to brighten up your day no matter the occasion. Check out the pattern collection in Love & Crochet's store today.

To finish off our very first post, I would like to give a shoutout to my sister and loyal helper, Leah. She's done so much work in Love & Crochet, from publishing Pins to organizing photos. Leah has helped me a great deal in this brand new website, and I believe she deserves to be recognized here. You can see her in the picture with me on the About page.

Thank you for reading this post! I really hope you like it and come to read from our blog in the days to come. If you haven't already, sign up for our email list to get notified about new posts and patterns. We hope to inspire you and weave in some originality to your crocheting life. Bye for now!

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