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Modern Amazon Echo Alexa Cozy Crochet Pattern

Modern Amazon Echo Alexa Cozy Crochet Pattern


Spice up your Amazon Echo with a beautiful cozy made of three modern colors- gray, white, and camel. Feel free to rearrange or replace them to get a different style.


As shown in the pictures, you can pop out every other bottom triangle or push them in line with the entire cozy. Switch it up every once in a while if that’s how you roll!


The gauge for this pattern is 17 chains in 4 inches.


This cozy can fit around any smart speaker, cup, or vase with a diameter of about 3.3 inches, but you can increase or decrease the diameter by adding or subtracting chains (on the base chain) in multiples of 4. This way the cozy can accommodate almost any item! Contact us via our email if you have any questions.


For more information on this pattern and the materials needed, head to this Ravelry page.

You can also purchase this pattern on Ravelry.

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