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Scissors Case Knitting Pattern

Scissors Case Knitting Pattern


Pattern by Leah Milligan


Calling all crafters! Imagine this. You have just finished a project, and you are looking for your scissors, only to find that they are at the bottom of your craft drawer. You start digging in and... OW! You get poked by your scissors, and in the fuss to soothe your throbbing hand, you completely forget about your project. If only there was a solution to this problem.


The Knitted Scissors Cozy will prevent this from happening! It's perfect for any small-sized scissors and is super easy to open and close. Being poked by scissors will be a thing of the past after knitting this pattern.


This pattern is also available for free on our blog.

For more information on this pattern and the materials needed, head to this Ravelry page.

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